Breaking Boundaries: Hessa Almazroa, the Saudi Female Pioneer Who Is Changing the Tourism Sector

Saudi Vision 2030 keeps making room for growth. We’ve all seen it happen; the Kingdom has been evolving year by year, nonstop. The future only looks brighter from here, especially with women like Hessa Almazroa leading the way. The pioneering general manager in the tourism sector has gone a long way, and she has something to say about what the future holds.

Hessa Al Mazroa

With 16 years of experience in the management industry and the hospitality sector, Almazroa stands out. In 2004, she worked as a marketing officer then proceeded in PR and marketing communications. From there on, she’s only been climbing ladders. Her first job in the hotel sector was in 2015. She managed many hotel franchises, such as Movenpick and currently Novotel in Riyadh.

For Almazroa, it was a frightening and challenging beginning, yet that’s exactly why she succeeded. She believes that new experiences that scare people are stimulating. Her knack for solving problems has helped her cross boundaries. Consequently, she believes that to be in the tourism sector, one has to believe in their abilities. Doing just that, she became one of the most established Saudi female general managers in Saudi Arabia.

In addition to being able, a manager needs to be passionate about hospitality to excel in managing it. Almazroa said, “I believe what makes the tourism industry attractive for Saudis to work in is that it’s a part of our DNA, generosity, and hospitality, it’s all a part of our DNA.” On that, she added that she expects more Saudis to make their way up to senior levels in the hospitality sector.

Al Mazroa on the tourism industry and leadership positions

Based on her experience and understanding of the Saudi tourism industry, she has some insights into how the sector and hospitality will grow furthermore. As of now, expats are in charge of general and hotel manager positions in the country. Many sectors have started that way. For example, the banking sector had very few Saudis participating in it at the start. However, Saudis now dominate 90 percent of the sector. Hence, Almazroa believes that by 2025, Saudis will rise up and rule those leadership positions. It’s the natural way the country grows.

Most importantly, Almazroa is not worried about women in leadership positions. She believes that both men and women are empowered and have equal opportunities for growth and authority. Yet, she said, “I am keen to be a good example for Saudi women in this field.”

When it all comes down to it, Almazroa believes in Saudi Arabia. She knows that what’s expected to be done in 10 years, the Kingdom can do in five.

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