Animal Rescuer and Lover, Sheikh Hamdan Saves and Adopts a Dog in Sharjah

Dubai Crown Prince, Sheikh Hamdan, is openly an animal lover. His social media accounts are scattered with all kinds of creatures. Whether it’s a falcon, turtle, horse, giraffe, or lion, you’re guaranteed to find a picture. He recently posted stories on his Instagram account of the rescued dog, Grace. The dog was treated for bullet wounds and it’s now under his care. Here is how much of an animal lover he is.

Bubble Pet Rescue group rescues Grace

Hamdan bin Mohammed Al Maktoum, known as Fazza, just took in a dog. Bubbles Pet Rescue group has recently rescued a dog. It was shot many times with an airgun in Sharjah. Moreover, pellets were found in its skull, chest, neck, eyes, and legs. Removing all pellets could hurt its internal organs, so only three pellets were removed from its body.

It’s one of the worst cases the Bubbles Pet Rescue group has seen. According to the group, Grace is not a stray dog, it actually had a home before. When Sheikh Hamdan adopts the dog, the rescue group expresses its gratitude to him, with an Instagram post saying, “Words can’t express how grateful we are. We are blessed to be Emiratis and have caring leaders like you!”

Sheikh Hamdan posts on his Instagram account a story of him meeting Grace. In the video, he says, “Hello Grace, you’re in safe hands now and I guarantee you will be happier.”

Sheikh Hamdan is not shy to admit his love for animals. He takes his adventures with animals publicly on his Instagram. Moreover, there are so many stories and facts about the Crown Prince and animals!

He refers to his horse as his buddy

There’s that one time he asked his followers to help him name his new pony

He expresses his nonending obsession with falcons

He casually feeds a giraffe

There’s that one time a foal nippled on his beard

He nonchalantly takes pictures of deers in their natural habitat

There’s that one time he took a picture of an elephant and Burj Khalifa bombed the picture

He cycles and somehow comes across an oestrich

Looks like he feeds camels on his car

That one time he played with sea turtles

Only Sheikh Hamdan feeds and pets a lion in what seems to be his backyard

People have no reason not to be absolutely in love with the crown prince. He leads with kindness, and a lot of people can learn from that.

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