The Delicious 20s: Here are 11 Historical Eateries in Alexandria That you Must Check Out

Many things come to mind whenever Egypt is mentioned. The Pyramids, Old Cairo, the museums among others. However, there is another historical city that is just as lively and goes way back in terms of culture and diversity but is often overshadowed by the ever-expanding Cairo. The city in question is Alexandria, the Mediterranean bride. 

It is a cosmopolitan city through and through; mainly because of the number of ethnicities and religions co-existing here. With that comes a culture that is so diverse yet so unique to the city. What better way to explore that culture than with food. So here’s a list of historical eateries in Alexandria that take us back in time. All of which are located in Raml Station.


One of the most famous restaurants in Alexandria. Started as a Cafe in the late 20s but its true fame came in 1953 when a Greek lady bought it and turned it into the institute that it is today.

Serving classic French, Greek, and Egyptian dishes, the place has its own fan base from different ages and backgrounds. Elite is known for its superb ambiance with a special section for playing music.  

Chez Gaby 

A one-of-a-kind place mixing all that Alexandria has to offer, the place also dates back to the 20s and is still going strong. Mixing Italian, Greek, and Egyptian cuisines, the restaurant is known for its special hand-tossed pizza and pizza sauce that can’t be found anywhere else. Personally speaking, this place is the best when it comes to dining out on Christmas or New Year’s.


The frontier of El-Raml Station, Delices is known for its authentic Greek and French desserts. Also opened in the 20s to Greek owners. Still going strong to this day. There is not a single holiday known to mankind where this place isn’t bustling with customers due to its cozy atmosphere.


Also known as Sheik Ali’s Bar, the place dates back to 1902. Known amongst the night-life seekers as a quiet place to feel close to all who fill it, even if you are going solo. Rumor has it, the bar was a safe haven for a community that was, and still is deemed as an outcast by society. A time capsule that is shielded from the harm of the world.


An authentic Greek bar, right on the coast. Still cozy and intimate like most Alexandria bars. Dates back to the 20s, like most eateries in Alexandria. The place is calm and sunlit in the morning, jazzy and lively in the evening. A personal favorite with too many good memories to count.

The Spit Fire bar 

Also opened by a Greek owner in the late 20s. The bar is tucked between an old hotel and a shopping venue. It bears witness to all the nightlife in Alexandria. Documented through pictures, stamps, and signatures of everyone there, famous or not. The place is known for its small yet intimate space.

Santa Lucia 

Owned by Italians since 1930, then Greeks by the 50s. Santa Lucia is one of the most low-key high-end restaurants in Alexandria. Known to be a hub for famous politicians and celebrities. The restaurant provides a wide variety of selections on its menu. But its most valued item is the wine selection. Fancy, quiet, and classy altogether. Simply a must.

White and Blue 

A Greek restaurant under the same corporate name as Santa Lucia, located inside the Yacht Club. A bit on the high-end of the spectrum of fine dining. Serving Greek-style seafood, the quality and level of cooking mastery are impeccable. Holidays and date nights are exemplary in this chic place. 

San Giovanni

Historically, this hotel and restaurant are the youngest on the list but it’s the most famous one. From being a location for filming movies to countless big names. From the late Egyptian president, Anwar El-Sadat to Actor Omar El-Sherief are just a few of the names that have dined in it.

The place is famous for its high-end experience and Italian-style seafood. Probably its biggest attraction is the live music. 


One of the oldest restaurants and pastry shops in Alexandria. Opened in 1905, Trianon was and still is, both a witness to history and a catalyst in changing it. Originally established by two Greek brothers, the place serves a variety of plates and desserts and is probably the only place that sells authentic hand chocolate to this day.

Now, the Egyptian owners are adamant about keeping the heritage of the place alive. Even though it faced many hardships through the years, it honestly should be listed by the heritage preservation entity because it is that monumental.  

Mohamed Ahmed

An old local restaurant, well known not just in Alexandria but literally in all of Egypt. It is always on the list for anyone visiting the coastal city. Although the place serves a small humble collection of Egyptian fast food dishes like Falafel, Foul, and Fried Cheese; the love put into making each dish makes it a must for all. 

The restaurant has seen many celebrities throughout history from kings and queens of Egypt to famous actors and actresses.

There you have it, the most delicious and historical eateries to hit up the next time you’re in Alexandria.

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