From Your Food Arriving to Getting Your Eyebrows Done – 12 Simple Satisfactions We All Live For

Whether it’s your wedding day or your sweet 16, we’ve all had our happy moments. Sometimes though, we are fulfilled by the little things, the simple occurrences. These little events can create this satisfying feeling upon basic milestones. As silly as they are, as true as they are. From getting cheery about the food arriving, to receiving a text message from your crush, we all reminisce about certain things that get us foolishly happy. And so we present to you, 12 satisfactions we all live for!

The moment your food arrives

This one’s a big one. When you’re hungry and impatiently waiting for the food to arrive, it’s exciting to see it from a far, resting on the waiter’s shoulder. 

The satisfaction of your dog peeing outside 

Potty training pets is a tough job. But once you get it done, you experience a sweet sense of accomplishment. 

When you find cash on the floor 

Not the most ethical thing to not give it back to its owner, but you’ll often feel lucky once this happens to you. 

When someone finishes off your sentence

When you’re in sync with someone and you formulate the same idea at the same time, this serene feeling of connection arises. 

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When you wash the dye off of your hair 

With the chemicals in your eyes and the long hours, the end result is definitely the only thing that will keep you going.

When you find your favorite cereal in the supermarket

Whether it’s Captain Crunch or Nestle, you’ll often crave a certain brand that is no where to be found. But, once you see it far away in the alley, you feel like the universe is on your side.  

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The last minute of your workout 

Not everyone enjoys every minute of their work out. But, when you’re down to the last minute and putting in your all, it will leave you with a rush. 

When you find your lost earphones 

Losing earphones is a very frustrating, yet common process. Finding them will definitely make you feel like you’ve hit the jack pot of satisfactions.

When your crush starts typing 

This one’s really equally specific and hilariously accurate. When you send a text to a crush and they don’t answer, desperately anticipating a follow-up message, and it happens, you suddenly feel relieved.

When your credit card gets approved 

It’s quite embarrassing to have your credit card declined for a certain purchase, and we all go through that worry. That ‘card approved’ sign feels really good. 


When you’re calling someone and worried they won’t answer, you put your phone on mute and on speaker, and wait for the ‘ringing’ to switch to ‘0:00.’ Once that happens, you’ve hit the nail of satisfaction. 

When you get your eyebrows done 

With the ‘fatla’ eating away your hair, its definitely not a pleasurable experience. But that moment you look in the mirror to check yourself out, well, we all live for that. 

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