A Graduation of the Future: MINT Incubator Fulfills its Task on Empowering the Youth

As a way of taking off our hats and saluting the younger generations to come, the builders of our future, MINT by EG BANK is honored to announce their 7th cycle graduation ceremony of startup businesses that took place on June 8th, 2021.

Youth and development serves at the forefront of of EG BANK, as they aim to empower the upcoming generations with their persistent trainings and everlasting commitment towards the development of innovative minds.

MINT Incubator, with their extensive experience, allowed nine startup businesses from various sectors to graduate, all who have undergone an intensive training under the guidance of MINT Incubator throughout the duration of the past three months in an assortment of fields.

The ceremony took place at the enchanting and newly opened National Museum of Egyptian Civilization. In addition, this served as their first on the ground and open air event in more than a year due to the pandemic restrictions. And what better location to have chosen from, since this event after all, is about cementing a presence in history!

Distinguished speakers shared their experience, their strength, and their hope at the event, offering their two cents on the entire matter, from their personal journeys, to offering an unconditional sense of support to other startup business owners and avant-garde entrepreneurs.

Inspiring speakers included: Amr Mansi, founder of Egypt’s Entrepreneur Awards, Dina Aly and Majd El Sherif, founders of Matter, and Mohamed Aboul Fettouh, the co-founder of Mayday.

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