From Hana Shiha and Ahmed Falawkas to Amr Helmy and Farah El Sayed, These Were 2019’s Most Glamorous Weddings

As Arabs, we tend to follow “go big or go home” as our life motto, and when it comes to weddings there’s no exception! Our weddings are so glamorous and always on-trend, and since the end of the year is approaching, we decided to list some of the amazingly glamorous weddings that took place in 2019. Scroll down to check them out!

Hana el Zahed and Ahmed Fahmy

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Amr Helmy and Farah El Sayed

Sherif Hany Shaker and Nouran

Lara Scandar and Philippe Katchouni

Mariam Koura and Islam Khaled

Rania Fawaz and Sammerr Omar

Hana Shiha and Ahmed Falawkas

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