From Chameleons to Alligators: Here Are Some Bizarre Pets From Around Egypt

Pets are one of the most significant things that people seek as they form intriguing bonds with their owners, becoming part of their families. They also develop beautiful relationships and aid mental health by reducing anxiety, encouraging physical activity, and creating a sense of belonging. According to, this sense of connection helps you form a bond with your pets and prevents you from feeling lonely. Our concept of pets, on the other hand, is largely limited to cats and dogs, and in certain cases, birds. There are definitely more pets on the market…monkeys and chameleons, to name a few. Additionally, we know that some of these animals belong in the wild which is their usual environment, but some extraordinary circumstances have brought them to a loving home, where they are having the best time of their lives.

Koko is a rose-ringed parakeet, also known as the ring-necked parakeet, which is a medium-sized parrot belonging to the Psittacula genus of the Psittacidae family. He is two months old, according to his owner, and he is incredibly intelligent. He also understands how to distinguish between what is and is not suitable behavior. His talents include improved hearing, and when you speak, he will try to re-pronounce letters. Koko is a nice parrot who despises being alone because he enjoys sitting among people. Also, he finds it incredibly rude when someone speaks loudly to him.

P.s: he loves to dance!

Courtesy of Shahd

While alligators may seem scary at first, Abo Nawaf is the opposite of scary. He likes to be tickled from the back. He is calm, composed, and likes to stay still for an hour in the same position that you’d think he is dead. However, his basic instinct drives him to bite when you put your hands on his tail and he’ll make the effort to bite you right away. He doesn’t eat a lot but he’ll eat liver from chicken and raw food in general in small portions.

Zaatar which is also the Arabic name for this wild thyme that grows in Lebanon and the Middle East is a term that is widely used as the name for a popular Lebanese spice combination. Regardless, this time, Zaatar is a moody Greek tortoise who enjoys a large feast of watermelon, lettuce, and occasionally cucumber. His interests range from lounging in the sun to watching television, and he oddly enjoys the summer. However, his other passion, biting people’s toes from behind when angered, is not so enjoyable. His owner has kept him since he was 30 years old, and he is now 52 years old. Zaatar is a member of the family, and his owner ensures that he has the best days of his life every day.

Courtesy of Nadine

Fazaa is a desert chameleon who, despite her fondness for insects, never stops having a good time. He enjoys being in the company of others, and he may occasionally engage in some playful behavior with his owner. He’s witty and knows how to blend in with his surroundings to go undetected. While his family was slow to accept him because he was a chameleon, his owner welcomed him with open arms and insisted on Fazaa being an integral part of the family. “He’s not just a pet,” his owner said, “he’s a brother.”

Maymoun is a friendly “Nasnas,” a sort of little type of monkey. His owner informed us that he has an uncontrollable desire for Doritos. Apart from attempting to snag them from your hand if you’re eating one, he’ll go out of his way to steal Doritos from streetside vendors. Maymoun’s entry into the home was not simple, as he was met with some opposition due to his status as a monkey. Things became clearer after he demonstrated his unwavering love and dedication for the house he lives in…as long as they offer Doritos AT ALL TIMES.

Courtesy of Salma

Though we often believed that pets are dogs and cats, there are many more. As we learned about the diverse animals that people can own, we discovered the bigger the animal the more love they’ll be welcomed with by their owners.   

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