Egyptian Platform Leaf Animals is on a Mission to Re-home Pets With new Owners

Based in Egypt, Leaf Animals has risen up for our voiceless companions, re-homing animals in need. Through their persistent efforts for the well-being of our furry friends, they aim to raise awareness regarding the benefits of adopting, fostering, and sponsoring animals. Not only does the platform discuss the benefits for these matters, but profiles of animals are available to browse through on their website, allowing anyone to scroll through and learn more about their potential new addition to the family. The online platform connects the animals with the right people, as well as organizing fundraisers for TNR (Trap-Neuter-Release) campaigns and rescue centers.

Founded by Amina El Shazly and Tanya El Kashef, the dynamic duo joined forces to bring about the online platform, prioritizing animal welfare and all that it en-‘tails.’ Throughout the course of the past several years, Amina and Tanya have each developed their own personal and unique experiences in rescuing and fostering animals. In addition, they continue to keep an eye out for the latest theories and practices within the field, equipping them with the proper methods to be implemented in the right manner.

However, Leaf Animals are not alone on this journey. Partnering up with other organizations such as Woof & Fetch, Hound Charming, and multiple others, special offers and discounts are offered in return. Allies of Leaf Animals share the same values and principles that form the foundation of the platform, supporting the cause with full force. Additional organizations include rescue and rehabilitation centers such as HOPE and UnLeashed to name a few, and a multitude of other organizations committed in providing unconditional services for our animals.

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