A Scoop of Hope: Zico the Monkey Is Rescued by Egypt’s Animal Protection Foundation

During this time of the year, with the holy month upon us, yet undergoing a pandemic; we give you a scoop of hope. A recent post by Egypt’s Animal Protection Foundation (APF) warmed the hearts of thousands of people. The APF is a non-profit organization with one mission, to rescue animals in our community. They dedicate their efforts to improve the lives of animals and provide them with humane treatment. They keep homeless pets safe. On their Instagram page, there was a post about a rescued monkey called Zico, and we’re all here for it.

Posted by Colette Ghunim on Saturday, March 13, 2021

A woman was walking in the streets of Cairo and stumbled upon a pet shop. In the pet shop, there was a very small monkey named Zico, who was imprisoned in a 50 x 50 cm cage. After petting the monkey for minutes, she felt an attachment to the monkey and the urge to set him free. She fell in love with him and started visiting him regularly, petting him and bringing him food.

She wanted to buy him and set him free, but it was not for sale as it was the pet store owner’s pet for 7 years. For 7 years, the monkey stayed in that small cage. The woman contacted APF and they helped her build a home for Zico at their shelter. The home they built was a very big cage with a small house and a pillow where it can sleep. Zico quickly adapted to his new home and environment. He became free and let loose of his playful spirit; jumping around and playing, enjoying being petted.

Zico the monkey

Animal Protection Foundation helps save hundreds of lives regularly. They shelter and treat mostly dogs in their dog shelter. They also promote awareness about animal protection among children and youth. Not everyone has the means to do the same, but it sure is a scoop of hope for us.

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