Arab Stars That Continue to Fight for Animal Rights

Egyptian streets are filled with hungry and helpless stray animals, and the Animal Protection Foundation continues to work tirelessly in fighting for the animals’ rights and welfare. There have been multiple celebrities that advocate for animals’ protection and care. Our favorite stars are memorable members of the Animal Protection Foundation and public speakers. They have been avidly speaking out about the problems the animals endure, and continue to support the establishment of shelters and humane treatment for animals.

Below are some of the celebrities fighting for animal rights!

Shereen Reda:

After the death of her dog, Shereen Reda took it upon herself to spread awareness about stray animals. She posted an interview of hers on Instagram, where she talked about taking care of animals while she was visiting the dog shelter. In the post, the star tagged multiple accounts on Instagram that advocate for animal protection, and challenged more stars to follow suit in the cause.

Via Instagram.

Just a few days ago, Shereen emphasized her support by posting this picture on Facebook.

From the very beginning and till the very last day 👱🏻‍♀️🐶

Posted by ‎شيرين رضا – Shereen Reda‎ on Sunday, January 31, 2021
Via Facebook.

Ahmed El Saka:

Ahmed El Saka was one of the stars invited by Shereen Reda to show support for animals’ rights. Saka responded by thanking her and posted a picture on Instagram with his favorite animal, a horse. The actor’s passion for horseback riding can be seen in several of his posts.

Via Instagram.

Tara Emad:

Tara Emad, another awesome celebrity was also challenged by Reda. Tara is usually outspoken about her love for animals, and continues to spread awareness on her social media platforms with or without a tag. Being a main member of the Animal Protection Foundation, she posted a picture a while back when she visited an animal shelter. She spoke about the abuse towards dogs, adding then the location of the specific dog shelter she had visited.

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Jessica Kahawaty:

International model of Lebanese origin, Jessica Kahawaty, posted a few days ago a video of herself feeding animals. She thanked a specific farm for sheltering and taking care of the animals that are incapable of living in the wild.

Via Instagram.

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