Bringing French Luxury to the UAE: Fauré Le Page Has Arrived to the Fashion Avenue of the Dubai Mall

Dubai has long been a fashion hotspot because it hosts a plethora of large-scale events that allow the fashion and retail industries to thrive. Events like the Dubai Shopping Festival not only provide shoppers with a great opportunity to see a wide range of collections in one location, but they also help to empower the fashion and retail industries. It also houses a number of boutiques that display high-end goods from across the world. Food, fashion, and interior design are all combined in shops like Comptoir 102, which was one of the first award-winning concept stores to launch in Dubai. This is because the shop introduces new trends, designers, and recipes to Dubai. However, one boutique has caught our eye as it recently established its first ever store in the Middle East, bringing French elegance to the region in a unique way. Before we get into the how let’s take a look at the boutique and its history to have a better idea of what this launch means for Dubai.

We’re talking about the House of Fauré Le Page, which was established in 1717 during King Louis XV’s early reign. The House of Fauré Le Page began as a producer of firearms and swords for the French Royalty but has since expanded its offerings to include luxury purses, leather accessories, and much more. The Fauré Le Page brand was then purchased by a French family with a passion for art and history in 2009. It has been frantically compiling the archives of this great name in French heritage from that period.

Via Vogue

When the House moved to 21, rue Cambon back in Paris in 2012, it signified a change from its illustrious background as a gunsmith and supplier to kings and princes. Their new identity as a luxury house ensures that the company’s history and achievements are carried forward into the present day by combining their identity to create a new vision and a new goal, which is to become one of the most prominent fashion houses and boutiques in the world.

Furthermore, with a striking glass storefront and its trademark engraved scale pattern, the brand’s new boutique pays homage to historic Moucharaby latticework, while the redesigned interiors display the brand’s vision for the future. The boutique also provides an immersive visual experience for customers, allowing them to immerse themselves in the world of Fauré Le Page and its legacy according to About Her Magazine.

It’s also fascinating to learn that the brand has served prominent clientele such as the great Napoleon Bonaparte, King Louis XVIII according to Vogue, and many other royals throughout Europe’s history and that their weaponry age was defined by glorious craftsmanship and expertise. Now, they’ve entered the fashion world, and they have high expectations awaiting them.

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