Forsa – the Fundraiser That’s Saving Lebanon’s Education System

“Forsa”, the fundraiser launched by Beit el Baraka (a non-profit organisation) and fintech company, Murex. Aiming to support the collapsing education system in Lebanon by working towards protecting Lebanese private schools’ transition during the current economic crisis.

A chance to save our schools

A chance to secure the future of our youth

The organizers promote the belief that education is one of the main pillars for Lebanon’s growth.

Forsa also reports that around 400,000 students will no longer be able to continue their studies.

Forsa aims to work with private schools in Lebanon and hopefully rescue the educational system. If the system were to collapse, will affect about 800,000 students teachers, and administrators, according to Maya Ibrahimchah, the founder of Beit el Baraka.

This crisis relief fund will work mainly to keep children in schools, keep teachers and administrators employed, and work to keep hope alive in Lebanon’s youth.

Donate now to Forsa here.

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