Exploring the Rise of Egyptian Artists on the Global Stage

In the last decade, we have seen a number of Egyptian artists taking on the global stage within different fields including music, acting and stand-up comedy. These artists’ popularity in the Middle East inspired them to perform in Europe and captivate their fans there with extraordinary performances. We won’t give away too much as we have compiled a list of Egyptian artists who are having a blast internationally.

May Elghety starring in Due Dating

Actress May Elghety will be participating in international cinema by starring in the English film “Due Dating.” This will be El-Ghaiti’s first experience abroad and will be joined by actor Roland Sterling, writer Jade Asha, and actor Alex Crockford. The movie is set to be a romantic comedy and will have Daniel Pacquette as the director. As an actress, Elghety is renowned for her adaptable acting skills, which enable her to switch between comedy, drama and action roles with ease.

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Wegz performing in Paris

A crowd of 1400 enthusiasts were roaring and greeting Ahmed Ali, also known as Wegz on June 5, 2022 in Paris’ Cabaret Sauvage. The concert’s attendance was impressive, and there was a lot of excitement as it was the artist’s first time performing in Paris. While performing, the rapper wore the Palestinian flag, showing support to Palestine in the face of their ongoing crisis. Wegz mesmerized the attendees with his original and inventive tunes where he blends trap with “shaabi” (Egyptian beats) music.

Ahmed Malek in UK’s boiling point

Egyptian actor Ahmed Malek is joining the cast of the BBC series Boiling Point, which is a continuation of the award-winning movie “Boiling Point” (2021). Filming is currently underway in Manchester, and Lebanese director Mounia Akl, who helmed “Costa Brava, Lebanon” in 2021, will co-direct the series. This is not the first time that Malek has appeared in a global production; among his most recent foreign projects is Sally El Hosaini’s “The Swimmers,” which debuted at the 47th Toronto International Film Festival. In addition, Malek received a nomination for Best Leading Actor for his performance in swimmers from the Australian Academy of Cinema and Television Arts Awards.

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Afroto & Marwan Moussa in Europe

On Nov. 2022, rappers Marwan Mousssa and Afroto performed at London, Paris, and Berlin with live concerts that saw both rappers collaborate on a number of songs. Both rappers already collaborated on hit songs like “3ala Ba3dy” and “Brazil” which received pleasant responses from their fans. Both took Europe by storm and showcased their rap talent in front of their international fans who seem to be enjoying their music.

Comedy bunker’s Euro trip

Mohamed Helmy, the stand-up comedian and creator of ComedyBunker, travelled to Berlin and Amsterdam to perform for European audiences along with stand-up comedian Alaa El Sheikh. The performances took place in Jan. 2023, and this tour was just the first of many planned in the future. Additionally, the stand-up comedian has ComedyMonsters, a platform that helps starting stand-up comedians.

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Marwan Pablo in Paris & Berlin

Often referred to as “The Godfather of Trap,” Marwan Pablo performed at Le Bataclan, Paris, on Feb. 11 and is set to perform in Berlin on Feb. 16. The rapper is potentially one of the first rappers to emerge in the scene and has achieved undeniable success in Egypt. Pablo regularly breaks the chains of music and tries out various musical styles. His international performance is an indication of his ability to captivate an audience and produce consistent unique music.

Cairokee in Paris, London, and Berlin

In Nov. 2022, the Egyptian rock band Cairokee performed three gigs in Paris, London, and Berlin. The band is one of the most well-known music groups to come out of the Arab world. Their songs have become generational anthems with the group becoming a powerhouse in the region and beyond thanks to their inspirational lyrics. Cairokee last played in London prior to the pandemic and has previously appeared in other places across Europe.

As the world continues to become a melting pot of talent it is interesting to watch artists become both a hit locally and internationally.

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