Highlighting Top Ramadan Show Opening Songs

Every Ramadan season there are a host of elements that get our attention as we make our way through the copious amount of shows airing. One unskippable element that keeps repeating with every episode is the opening credits. Masterfully crafted from the song to the animation perfectly capturing the tone of the show, we’ll be looking at the top intros this Ramadan.

Sero el Bateaa – Mohamed Mounir 

The show, ‘Sero el Bateaa’ switches between two timelines with the aim of uncovering the myth behind Sheikh Hamed. In a fantasy-esque song, the king, Mohamed Mounir takes us on a journey that captures the core of the show. Tip, don’t just watch the opening credits for the song but also so you don’t miss a key pre-opening credits scene.

El Harsha El Sabaa – Massar Egbari & Bustan Magdy

The band, Massar Egbaari performs the heartbreakingly romantic duet with singer, Bustan Magdy, ‘Kelma’ for ‘El Harsha El Sabaa’ with their voices flawlessly documenting the ebbs and flows of a seven-year marriage.

Gat Salima – Donia Samir Ghanem 

Donia Samir Ghanem has finally returned this year with ‘Gat Salima’ where we follow a bibliophile into a literal book. The opening song of course sung by Ghanem takes us on a trip of various genres as she sings words expertly written by Ayman Bahgat Amaar. In a heartwarming tribute, Ghanem honors her late parents, Samir Ghanem and Dalal Abdel Aziz in the pre-opening.

Taghyeer Gaw – Cairokee 

In Menna Shalaby’s show, ‘Taghyeer Gaw’, Cairokee’s Amir Eid gives a soulful performance for the opening song. Titled ‘Taghyeer Gaw’, the song accurately represents the mixed emotions, turbulence met with a glimmer of hope. Eid is also a constant so far throughout the show’s carefully picked playlist.

El Sofara – Hisham Abbas & Ahmed Amin

The witty ‘Ya Halw Lw’ by the duet we never knew we needed, Hisham Abbas and Amir capture the essence of the comedic pace of ‘El Sofara.’

What’s your favorite opening song this Ramadan?

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