Dina El Sherbiny Stands Out This Ramadan In ‘Kamel El Adad’

This Ramadan season, the show ‘Kamel El Adad’ has been starting conversations across iftar tables for its wholesome family vibes. For being a genuine light family comedy that hits close to home with its topics without being dramatic or over the top. However, aside from its great story, the main thing that grabbed our attention was its star, Dina El Sherbiny.

‘Kamel El Adad,’ a show all about family dynamics with a fresh twist on the iconic film ‘Alaam Eyal Eyal.’ The show follows El Sherbiny’s character, Layla who meets Sherif Salama’s character, Ahmed on a cruise and they get married and jointly raise seven children under one roof.

With the help of El Sherbiny spotlighting the different approaches to motherhood, the actress has truly excelled in the role of Layla. Not only for revisiting the comedy genre and doing it expertly but also for doing it in style.

Her role in ‘Kamel El Adad’ is different as it looks at motherhood from different angles. She’s a mother of children of different ages and also attempting to be a good step mother.

The star has been known to play dramatic roles that require several tissue boxes. Whether it’s in ‘Zy El Shams’ where her sister marries her fiancé or ‘Leabet El Nesyan’ where everyone is against her and she doesn’t remember a thing. That doesn’t begin to scratch the surface. But with her character, Layla on Kamel El Adad, though she faces many hurdles, it’s mainly done in a light manner, a breath of fresh air this Ramadan.

It’s important to note that El Sherbiny doesn’t venture often into comedy though once she does she shines as she did in ‘Khalsna Be Sheyaka’ alongside Hesham Maged, Chico and Ahmed Mekky.

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Though El Sherbiny played a mother in ‘El Meshwar’ last year when she shared the screen with Mohamed Ramadan or two years ago in ‘Leabet El Neseyan’, her role in ‘Kamel El Adad’ is different as it looks at motherhood from different angles.

Moreover, on the show, the actress redefined the mama look, that’s for sure. Striking the perfect balance of comfort and chic, the stylist, Nada Shelbaya fitted El Sherbiny in a host of hats and sleek pants. Making the character of Layla always seems put together even though she’s always running picking up the kids from school and having a million other things on her mind.

El Sherbiny is definitely one of the Egyptian stars currently shining for being able to play a multitude of genres well in addition to having the skill of choosing wisely her roles without falling often into the pitfall of quantity over quality.

Let us know, who is your favorite character this Ramadan?

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