Is Drake Really Gushing About Wegz? Looking At Fake AI & Its Viral Effect

A month ago, a video was released on TikTok of Drake that immediately went viral. In the video, Drake said that he thinks Wegz is great and how he’s the first Egyptian artist that he listened to. When watching the video, it’s clearly Drake’s voice but whenever he spoke, his words where not in sync with the movement of his lips. Since the video dropped, a lot of people have been hitting up the comments section saying that it is fake and that his voice was made using AI.

Now after an entire month has passed, the video is getting a second run and going viral once again, possibly because of the fake AI speculations. This isn’t the first time that fake AI causes such a stir across social media. You know that picture of Pope Francis where he was wearing an ankle-length belted white puffer jacket? It was made by a construction worker who played around with an artificial intelligence image generator called Midjourney.

Whether it’s the Pope or Drake, what can be said is AI technology is getting better by the day to the point where we can’t guess what it will be capable of in 5 years time…or rather a months time. Based on all of this, what do you think of AI? And do you have your own suspicions that Drake’s video might be real?

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