Experience Yoga With A Pop Of Color This Saturday In Rehab With Amira Ihab & Nada

Artist Nada Gamal-Eldin is taking over Earth Space’s stage next Saturday, June 3 in Rehab City. The health expert will be taking people on a journey of vibrant art.

The versatile artist is known for creating colorful creations that range from pots to paintings. Her Instagram account which amasses over 30 thousand followers showcases Gamal-Eldin sharing tutorials where she guides her followers in painting on notebooks or on cvbanvas.

Along with Gamal-Eldin who will be bringing zen spirit amid the explosion of color is Amira Ihab. Who is not only known for her yoga guidance but for capturing nature through her unique lens. With nearly 29 thousand followers, Ihab takes her followers on a picturesque journey across different countries.

You can join in on the event where you’ll paint alongside Gamal-Eldin and become a yogi with Ihab by getting your tickets through Easy Kash’s official website.

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