Discover Unique Yoga Experiences Across the Region: From Underwater to Sky-High

Want to practice yoga in a new way? We are not talking about merely acing your downward dog in a studio. We are talking about taking things up a notch and practicing yoga in unexpected locations and styles across the region. Let us introduce to you the many ways you can try out the beloved practice:

Underwater Yoga At Jeddah’s Fakieh Aquarium

Amidst a massive tunnel where fish of all shapes and colors swim around the water, you can do a downward dog followed by a bridge pose. Yes, you heard that right.

At Jeddah’s Fakieh Aquarium, you can practice underwater yoga hosted by Niche Arabia. It is an experience unlike any other and is becoming a trending way to practice yoga.

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Yoga With Puppies At Cairo’s Rooflow Studio

Within the bustling city of Cairo, there is a special and calm yoga studio known as Rooflow Studio, where you will get to experience the most heartwarming yoga experience.

While doing your downward dog, a puppy will roam around you. Yes, you heard that right. That is the epitome of puppy yoga. Keep an eye on Rooflow‘s Instagram page to find out when they are having their next puppy yoga session.

Yoga in the Sky at Dubai’s AURA Skypool

Gazing out at the city from 210m up in the sky, the AURA Sky Pool gives you the ultimate view of Dubai. Along with indulging in this rich view, you can also get some stretching in, as AURA offers yoga sessions four days a week.

On Tuesdays, they do balancing flow, on Fridays, it is power lift, and on Saturdays, it is all about yoga dance. To book a spot, head to the AURA Skypool official site.

Yoga Atop A Helipad At Doha

It is time to hit up the skies with Doha’s very own yoga sessions held atop a helipad. EVOLVE offers that very experience at the Marriott Marquis with weekly sunset sessions as well as a monthly full moon option. If you aren’t afraid of heights, you can book your session by calling this number: 5040 3234

Aerial Yoga at Abu Dhabi’s Yoga One

Want to feel like you are flying? Aerial yoga is the way to go, and there is a special one hosted by Abu Dhabi’s Yoga One. In this type of yoga, you will be using a hammock as a prop to work through a series of standing postures, planks, and inversions that help to build strength.

For all you yoga lovers out there, there are now so many ways to practice what you love across the region.

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