Ewsal Bel 3araby: The Ultimate Platform for Independent Music Junkies in the Region

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Music junkies all over the Arab World, this one’s for you. In this article, I will tackle everything you need to know about Ewsal Bel 3araby. It is, by all means, the most innovative platform for musicians and music lovers in the Arab region. this week marks one year since the launch of Ewsal Bel 3araby!



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The music mafia behind the website is 19th Corporation, one of the leading companies in the Egyptian music industry. 19th Corporation’s founder, Ousso, also happens to be the founder of prominent festival “SOS” that used to rock the Egyptian independent music scene between 2006 and 2009.


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Basically, Ewsal Bel 3araby is the more complex and evolved version of SOS because it’s a platform that connects musicians, music lovers, and anyone who wants to learn about music in the Arab World.


Firstly, it gives access to free learning tutorials by the best artists in the region. Secondly, it includes a huge library of solo and jam performances; some of the biggest names in the independent music scene can be found on it.


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Thirdly, the website also has a number of playlists that are tailored by the brightest artists. Fourthly, it contains an updated events calendar with all live performances and their venues.


Moreover, the website is a social network for all musicians. They get to create their profiles, update them with their newest content. Music lovers, on the other hand, can go listen, follow updates and more.


Ewsal Bel 3araby‘s best feature (in my opinion) would be El-Sellem (The Ladder). It is a competition adopted by the website that could potentially and immensely help young Egyptians exploring what they love — musically.


Talents from all over Egypt are required to send one-minute videos to the website showcasing their talents. 15 lucky winners will get to go to a special workshop curated just for them, as well as be trained by some of the brightest musicians in the scene.




WE SAID THIS: Looking forward to seeing different batches from El-Sellem making it in the independent scene.