Is Miley Cyrus Low-Key Dating an Arab?


The 90s born generation will surely remember growing up and jamming to the tunes of Miley Cyrus. I mean she was just endearing on her infamous TV show Hannah Montana. We can all relate to how nervous we felt for her as she was revealing her double-identity to her best friend Lily. Not to mention how religiously we memorized the lyrics to the show’s introductory song by heart.



This innocent teenage girl image is what made it so shocking and unbelievable when the girl who sang hits like ‘Rockstar‘ suddenly started to sing songs like ‘I Can’t Be Tamed‘, and eventually ‘We Can’t Stop‘. And who can forget the suddenly racy, sexy, and sensual Miley that we met on set of the ‘Wrecking Ball’ music video?


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We also learned that the previous Hannah Montana star was addicted to smoking weed. But I have to say, the cherry on top of the transformation cake for me was that Goddamn haircut and tattoos. It was just too much!


A few months ago, however, Miley Cyrus brought back the innocent blonde girl look, did an interview for Billboard Magazine where she stated that she was “weed clean for two weeks, and this was the longest she had been clean in years.” Not only this, Cyrus also came back with a hit song and music video entitled ‘Malibu’. The video was shot by the beach and a hyper-feminine ‘not so party girl’ anymore Miley starred in the video.



Want an explanation for Miley’s transformation? My friend has a theory. What’s the theory? Well, I will tell you, but you have to promise to maintain an open-mind and a sense of humor, at all times.



My friend told me the following:


I think Liam Hemsworth must have some Arab blood in him of some sort. Well, think about it. When Miley was with Liam she maintained that innocent girl attitude, even after ending Hannah Montana. Now, the common theory is that Liam and Miley broke up because Miley started to become this wild party girl, i.e. Liam was not getting the innocent girl that he had signed up for, so he left. Suddenly, Miley could literally not be tamed, and she literally couldn’t and wouldn’t stop smoking up and partying (puns intended). Liam then gets back together with Miley, she gets rid of that crazy hair cut, stops doing drugs, and literally writes song lyrics which read ‘I would not believe you three years ago if you told me I would be here writing this song, but here I am next to you in Malibu…’. This of course is all concurrent with the girl-next-door look on magazine covers, and news lines indicating that Miley was no longer ‘about that life’. I just do not think this is all a coincidence. You know when you date a certain type of Arab man and he seems very open-minded to begin with, and suddenly he starts setting limits for you, I think Liam is that low-key Arab man. You know he is that Arab guy who threatens to divorce you if you dress a certain way, or threatens to break off his engagement with you if he no longer approves of your life style. So Liam did leave, and when he did come back to her she became Hannah Montana again. I have no other explanation, but to jump to the following conclusin: “Howa lamaha” (an Egyptian term used to describe the phenomenon of a man getting a woman under his control, once he gets with her). Moreover, with Rihanna dating a rich Saudi Arabian, Bill Gates’ daughter dating an Egyptian, why wouldn’t Miley participate in the trend by choosing to date someone who may possess some some genes that exist within some Arab men?



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