Egypt’s Job Market: 5 Things To Know Before You Join

When entering the Egyptian job market, it helps to have a cheat sheet regarding the rules and the trends. You spend 16 years at school and college, learning about all kinds of things. Yet, there are some things that you need to know, to learn, and to be able to deal with the shock of having your first job. The things that college and school may not prepare you for. So don’t be scared, and don’t rush into things. You still have some studying to do.

Soft skills

If you aren’t a naturally sociable person, school may not make you one. One of the most needed skills as you embark into the workplace, is to know how to deal with people professionally; to get what you want and do your job well. Dealing with co-workers and managers all the time is a must to be able to excel professionally, and to not take things personally. It can truly be a jungle out there.

Self-learning is your best friend

Remember all the math and social studies you studied? Well, they may not necessarily matter now, compared to your ability to teach yourself things. Being an independent and resourceful person in the Egyptian job market is a must. Most companies don’t offer training or courses for their employees to do their job properly. It’s like learning to swim on your own. Find out your way and take assistance from the internet, from courses, and a friend.

The educational system is outdated

Every decade or so, the job market’s needs change and heads into a new direction. What we all learn in school and college is useful and important, surely. However, it doesn’t teach you anything about what it’s like working in local companies or international companies. You probably won’t know anything regarding labor law, and what you should be offered, from annuals to health insurance. Gaining an awareness in these matters will make it easier for you as a fresh graduates working in any company. So be sure to do your research!

Job trends may change sporadically

With different rising industries and fluctuations in the workforce, different jobs trend for a while. For example, customer service may be dominant for a while and for another period, sales, social media specialists, marketing, real estate, and cryptocurrency exchange may be prioritized. The abundance of those jobs changes from time to time. For people who are still trying to figure out their place in the job market and build careers, it’s important to have multiple skill sets and experiences in different fields. If you specialize in one thing and it goes out of style, you’ll be faced with more challenges to grow in. It’s important to focus during your youth on taking courses, studying different languages and skills, and developing yourself. Doing these tasks will offer you flexibility and reduce the chances of getting cornered in the job market.

It’s so random

One thing you’d be expecting before you start your first job is professionalism. You’d expect to have your job description, a set of tasks to do, a manager to report to, and overall, just an organized workplace. However, it may very well not always be like that. Get ready to meet the potential daily changes within the Egyptian workplace. One day you might need to be a customer service agent, another you’re a business developer, and the third day you’re a social media specialist. There aren’t really fixed rules, a management style, or one specific job for you. Be ready to pull different skills and learn new, unrelated things. It’s all about flexibility!

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