Why Can’t I Find a Job in The New Economy?

If you’re looking for a job and can’t get the job listings, interviews, and offers you expect, you may not be able to maximize your distrust when you start grilling yourself asking “why you can.” There is. “I don’t find a job.” This is good news. If you recently graduated from college and spent a lot of time honing your rigorous academic curriculum, you are a superstar. Congrats! If you were a former employee of a company that lost its job due to mass severance and is trying to regain its position in a shrinking market segment, thank you for the products, services, and contributions you have added to society Date!

While preparing to compete for a job in the new economy, take a deep breath, and recognize your personal and business strengths, rather than suffering from daily breakdowns. The new economy is a bubble. There are up and down cycles, scaling, and scaling. It is also more global and therefore more competitive. The new economy has large domestic companies that show record profits and a strong balance sheet without hiring new workers.

The new economy can be adversely affected by reduced consumer spending in Europe, Greece, Italy, or China, as well as in the United States. Banks can show a lot of money on their balance sheets and lend, even though they are reluctant to increase domestic credit to SMEs. Today, employees can replace offshore and onshore outsourcing work, automation, and business process improvements.

Given the challenges of this new economy in the labor market, job seekers may seek solutions from the government. OK, don’t hold your breath in Washington to do a miracle right away! Washington is in heavy traffic and political action aimed at changing the employment environment may not appear until the end of this year’s elections. Assuming nothing will dramatically change the US employment situation in the short term, what can job seekers do to actively advance the economic situation? Here we will look at at least some traditional tactics that need to be adhered to.

Become a “master of your universe”

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To do this, you need to be an expert in basic requirements related to the industry in which you work. This requires the preparation of a professionally written resume and cover letter, how to dress during an interview, and knowledge of basic etiquette. Failure to follow these simple guidelines can result in immediate exclusion when competing for strong employment opportunities. Becoming a master of your universe also dictates that you demonstrate the acquisition of at least one or more core competencies that your employer desires. Get ready to promote your “value brand”.

Also, be prepared to visualize your “value-added brand” in a new way that transforms transferable skills into building blocks that open up opportunities to find domestic jobs and vacancies.

Leverage people’s contacts-look for hidden opportunities

The most effective way to find a job is to connect with others. Let your network know that you are looking for employment. Don’t forget to receive as well as give. If you find an opportunity that might be better suited to someone else in the network, the path job will connect to other people in the network. Consider joining an industry association that can compete with workers who have deeper experience and contacts within your chosen profession.

Survey results show that most of the opportunities are rarely advertised. To do this, be sure to target the stable company you want to work for and create contacts in-house to put you in the jobs posted directly on the company’s website. Don’t wait for your resume to appear on a typical job board that competes with as many as 5,000 applicants per job ad.

Don’t be discouraged in the face of refusal

It can be very difficult to continue unless you are asked to be interviewed or call back a position that you were almost certain you had. Don’t give up, learn from your experience. In most cases, it is a good idea to seek help from a qualified career counselor or mentor. Don’t be afraid to ask an experienced person for some advice on what you can do differently.

Once you finally have the opportunity to have an interview, your employer can easily hire you. This includes doing your homework and knowing as much as you can about your company. If you are hired, show your employer how it can help your company improve its performance and achieve its goals.

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