Huda Lotfy’s Contemporary Art is Among the 100 Works at The British Museum’s New Exhibition

The brilliant Egyptian artist Huda Lotfy has yet again made us super proud. After her work was previously displayed in the UAE, Austria, Germany, and the USA, Huda just added the UK to her international dominance with her latest art piece. Titled “Al-Sitt and Her Sunglasses,” it is among the 100 works currently on display in the new exhibition launched at The British Museum in the UK, running between February 11th and August 15th.

According to the British Museum’s press release, “These artists reflect on their own societies, all of which have experienced extraordinary changes in living memory. From drawings by artists trained in Paris, Rome, Beirut, or Jerusalem, to works associated with the Syrian uprisings, the exhibition challenges perceptions of contemporary art in the region with a range of works of great complexity and beauty.”

The art piece showcases the star of the orient, Um Kulthoum, wearing her famous diamond-studded sunglasses with dancing arms behind her, while featuring the lyrics of her immortal song ‘Al-Atlal,’ written around her.

Huda’s piece is also included in the ‘Reflections: Contemporary Art of the Middle East and North Africa’ collection which will run till the 25th of August. The British Museum’s press release also stated that the reflections emphasize matters of gender, faith, identity, politics, and memory. It then continues to state that “communicated within the exhibition, are ideas about poetry, music, and war. The artists, whether living in the countries of their birth or in the diaspora, belong within the globalized world of art, and many allude to the artistic or literary heritage with which they are associated.” 

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