‘Abuse Is Not Love’: YSL Beauty Partners With Dubai Foundation For Women And Children To Address Intimate Partner Violence

Every brand has a responsibility towards the community and its customers, and it requires more than just selling its products. It’s important that it brings value and raises awareness on topics that deserve the spotlight. It’s great when these brands inspire us with movements that can inspire change. Under the name ‘Abuse is Not Love,’ the French luxury brand YSL Beauty partnered with the Dubai Foundation for Women and Children to address the global issue of domestic violence. The campaign specifically focuses on intimate partner violence (IPV), which is one of the most common forms of violence against women.

As part of the initiative, YSL Beauty aims to highlight the different forms of abuse such as physical, sexual, emotional or financial. Signs of this abuse include manipulation, intimidation, control, and domination, keeping the victim completely isolated.

The initiative will serve as a helpful resource, as well as a safe space for survivors of violence to find a job. Some of these resources include vocational training to enhance their skills, and arm them with the expertise they need to join the market and further achieve themselves. This promising program also aims to educate more than two million people on the signs of IPV by 2030, and fund research into IPV within academic institutions to prevent this sort of violence from happening and spreading. On the other hand, makeup artists will also offer these women beauty training in case they want to work in the booming beauty industry.

For Valentine’s Day, YSL Beauty highlighted the fact that intimate partner violence annually increases on that day. Therefore, they dedicated this year’s message to fighting and preventing this form of abuse, by reinventing Valentine’s Day cards to shed light to abusive behaviors masked as ‘love.’ 

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