Egyptian Cities Leading the Anti-Plastic Movement

The Hurghada Environmental Protection and Conservation Association (HEPCA) announced on the 2nd of April that Red Sea Governor, Major Ahmed Abdullah introduced ban on single-use plastics.

During an interview with Al-Masry Al-Youm, Abdallah explained that the ban would be implemented by the end of July to 100 percent of Hurghada. Since June, no penalties were imposed on violators, yet this will change starting August.

Here are a list of eco-positive cities that are ahead of Cairo in the fight against single-use plastics and reducing their overall plastic consumption:


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Dahab City Council President, Tarek El-Baz, recently announced the complete ban of plastic use across the city in its latest efforts to protect local marine life.

The Bela Plastic initiative (which is translated as Without Plastic) includes awareness campaigns for hotels and resorts’ employees, where the staff is encouraged to spread awareness amongst tourists and hang plastic-ban signs across beaches.

Sahl Hasheesh

In hopes of protecting the Red Sea and raising awareness of plastic pollution, Sahl Hasheesh, in association with Project Azraq, Ghost Fishing, and Project AWARE, launched the “Dive Against Debris / Marine Awareness” campaign.

Divers at the Red Sea bay will get to clean the water from harmful debris and plastic every last Saturday of the next five months on the 27th of July, 31st of August, 28th of September, 26th of October, and 30th of November


A journalist at Ahram Online recently reported finding this message at a resort in Gouna, “Please put your laundry for washing and dry cleaning in this bag and your order in the pocket provided. This bag is environmentally friendly and will be re-used. Signed, Environmental Team”.

I have personally talked with Bestway Supermarket’s employees who confirmed that they have been replacing plastic bags with paper ones and totes for months now.

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During a workshop organized by the Cairo Climate Talks, hotel manager, Gérard Hanssen, stated that many hotels are now implementing the plastic-ban law, further explaining that alternatives such as paper straws, wooden spoons, bamboo chairs, and real plants are being used.

Marsa Allam

And last but not least, Marsa Alam will be joining the movement. The Governor of the Red Sea Governorate, Ahmad Abdallah, announced that plastic bags in Marsa Alam willl soon be banned.

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