Red Sea Governorate Bans Single-Use and Disposable Plastic Starting June

The Red Sea governorate is one step ahead of Cairo with the most needed eco-positive decision. Two years ago, the Egyptian Environment Ministry launched the ‘Enough Plastic Bags’ campaign and it seems that things are finally being taken seriously.

Bid your farewells to plastic use at restaurants, supermarkets, grocery stores, and pharmacies, as well as plastic cutleries, straws, and cups. Governor Ahmed Abdallah agreed to a proposal submitted by Hurghada Environment Protection and Conservation Association (HEPCA) and announced that single-use and disposable plastic will be completely banned starting June.

Via Hepca

The decree is to protect the threatened and endangered species which are severely affected by ingestion, starvation, suffocation, drowning, entanglement, and toxicity from plastic remains which affect human health accordingly. However, garbage bags are not included in the list of banned items.

“HEPCA will be launching an awareness campaign about the negative impacts of plastic on marine life and human health. In addition to on-ground activations with events, giving lectures for public and private schools, clean-up campaigns for islands, beaches, and underwater in collaboration with schools, diving centers, and the Red Sea community”, HEPCA stated on social media.

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