Fluffy Sitters: The App Pet Owners Need to Download

Being a pet enthusiast is the most amazing thing in the world! I’m one and I hope you are too.

Fluffy Sitters is an application that was founded by Nada El-Barkouky and her brother Moataz after he graduated from the University of Toronto in Canada. The whole idea of Fluffy Sitters started a couple of years ago when Nada and her brother used to have a cat and they found it very hard to leave him home alone when they traveled. Especially that when they left him at the vet’s clinic, the cat would come back home very depressed!

Via: Fluffy Sitters/ Instagram

One day, Nada was brainstorming with her brother for a project’s idea for her entrepreneurship class, and that’s when they came up with Fluffy Sitters’ concept! Why can’t people who love pets, pet-sit, more like babysitting, other people’s fluffy creatures when they are out of town?

Something like Airbnb but for pets who need extra care. This way, pet lovers can enjoy the company of animals without worrying about the long-term commitment and at at the same time, pet owners will have peace of mind knowing that their furball is in a safe and loving environment.

Via: Fluffy Sitters/ Instagram

Nada and Moataz knew that such an idea was untapped in Egypt and that many would benefit from it. They initially started the idea of pet-sitting mainly among their circle of close friends. They, later on, decided to expand their community by looking for more sitters due to the increasing number of requests they were receiving from pet owners. They finally decided to introduce the application to help keep everything organized and monitored.

Via: Fluffy Sitters/ Instagram

Using the Fluffy Sitters app, you get to search, book, and chat with the sitter you choose, and when you travel, they send you pictures of your pet having the time of its life. You’d get to also see past reviews about them to help you make your decision. You can even ask for advice or discuss the JugDog best flea treatment guide. On the other hand, sitters can also take on the requests they prefer according to what they’re comfortable with and when they’re available to pet-sit, and so forth.

The goal is to have an amazing experience, whether it’s for the pet owner or the sitter. The founders also encourage the “meet and greet” option first because the pet stays at the sitter’s home and they need to make sure everything will move smoothly.

Via: Fluffy Sitters/ Instagram

Currently, Fluffy Sitters is offering walking and daycare services for pets. Additionally, the app is encouraging pet owners to actually pet-sit other people’s cats/dogs and become sitters themselves! It’s a great idea since this will help their pets socialize and make new friends.

Finally, I think this application is just perfect and I highly recommend you to use it if you happen to have a pet. It’s your go-to place for animal lovers who are simply willing to help each other out just because they love the cute little creatures and want to spend time taking care of them.

WE SAID THIS: Nothing is more rewarding than having a little creature to care for!