In Pictures: Iconic Diva Hair Moments of Your Favorite Arab Celebs

Arab female celebrities have always had a flair for hair. When looking back at some of the vintage pictures of our favorite Arab singer or actress, we realize how their distinctive hairdos have been the heart of our conversations for decades!

I must point out that most of your favorite celebrities’ hairstyles have actually helped them rise to fame. From Sherihan to Sabah to Myriam Faris, their hair has been a signature throughout their career path. They have been widely recognized, of course, for their unquestionable talent, but also their hair played a huge role in their career.

So, without further ado, here are few pictures of the most iconic divas and their unique hairstyles in the Arab world.

Nancy Ajram

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The Lebanese Superstar Nancy Ajram was initially known for her brown-reddish curls at the beginning of her career, but as the years passed, Nancy proved that she can pull off any look! She tends to be very diverse about anything related to her hair.


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The glamorous Lebanese Singer Elissa has always been known for her unique style, not only in her songs but also her hairdos! You can see that she always goes for the chic and simple appeal, however, with every album she releases, she tends to make a bold statement; varying from hair to anything that brings out her feminine side.


Via: Harper’s Bazaar Arabia

Egypt’s style icon Sherine has always dazzled everybody with her choices when it comes to fashion! From long hair to a pixie, with her radiating femininity, she proved that she looks simply stunning in every look she chooses.

Maya Diab

Via: Maya/Facebook

Anyone who follows the style of the Lebanese Singer and Entertainer Maya Diab will realize that most of the time, she likes to keep her hair long and blonde. It suits her skin tone more than other colors, such as red, which she used to go for in the early years of her career.

Myriam Fares

Via: Myriam/ Instagram

Myriam is and has always been the definition of the ultimate curly hair goals! Since day one, her hair was the reason she stood out among other Arab celebs. The way she embraced her curly hair, made all of us, girls, love our curls even more!

Najwa Karam

Via: Najwa/Facebook

Najwa, the Lebanese diva, never failed to impress her fans with her looks. The singer and judge on Arabs Got Talent always chose simple hairstyles with a few elegant accessories. Low updos are usually her go-to style.


Via: Assala/Facebook

The amazing Syrian singer is known not only for her deep voice but also for her outstanding fashion choices. Since the beginning of her career, she went for unique and unconventional fashion statements. That also goes for her hairdos as it seems like she’s the one who recently started the short hair craze.


Via: Angham/Facebook

Many women take pride in the length of their hair, but back then, Angham proved that short hair will always stand out as a symbol of strength. She usually appears in classic and simple looks with effortless hairdos which have long gained the admiration of her fans.

Samira Saeed

Via: Samira/Facebook

Since her early beginnings, the Moroccan diva went for bold fashion statements and that included her hair, of course. Samira never failed to captivate her audience with her distinctive voice, sense of fashion, and different hairstyles; short long hair, black or red, she proved that she can definitely pull it all off.


Via: Latifa/Facebook

Latifa is a Tunisian pop-star who came to Egypt to bless us with her talent. She usually went for dark medium length hairdos, but recently she surprised her fans with a new haircut, a really short one. We love her and she looks stunning in every look.


Via: Alchetron

Nelly is an Egyptian entertainer, a very attractive one actually. Back then, people generally used to wear their hair with the mentality of ‘the more spray the better’! Celebrities, and so did Nelly, used to follow this trend of the ultra volumed big hair.


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Dalida, like many other celebrities back then, used to do sprayed low updos with a little tease to it to add this extra puff on the top, leaving the rest of the hair slimmed down with small curls.


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Also, Sabah used to go for extra big hair; extra sprayed and most importantly, always blonde. She never actually dyed it as blonde suited her skin tone the most. Sabah loved to wear her hair so big with weaves making it look extra thick!


Via: Sherihan/Facebook

Sherihan’s hair is part of her identity; literally, whenever I think of her, the mental image I have of her in my head is all about her beautiful long healthy hair. Fun fact, when Sherihan was diagnosed with cancer a couple of years ago, she actually refused to get her head shaved off before her surgery, instead, she asked if she could get braids done!


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