7 Ways Your Mattress Can Have a Negative Impact on Your Health

Aha! Who hasn’t felt the satisfying effect of a good night’s rest on his or her body? No one; at least no living human (aliens, perhaps?)

Without doubt, sleep has multiple nourishing effects on the body. In as much as getting long hours of sleep is important, the quality of sleep you get is more important. Talking about good sleep, we must make mention of the mattress where we get this sleep. As it is possible to derive positive benefits from a good mattress, a bad mattress could infer a negative impact on your health.

Let’s shed more light on these negative impacts, shall we?

Back pain

Most individuals who suffer from insomnia have attributed these sleepless nights to back pain. This is the chief complaint amongst those who have poor sleep, as observed via patients who participated in the best mattress for back pain review by SleepDelivered.

As a mattress ages, it begins to wear out and sag. That means instead of having a flat, comfortable mattress, you have one which curves into the middle. This means you have to keep tossing to and fro to get a comfortable sleeping spot and you know what this is; a chronic recipe for back pain. According to Sleepdelivered, the best mattress for back pain reviewed by Sleepdelivered is just at your fingertips if you could reach out! 


A bad mattress makes an individual exhausted after sleep. You know what follows; drowsiness. A low quality sleep will leave you drowsy and tired.  If your mattress prevents you from falling asleep, it could be causing you to fell unnaturally tired and drowsy during the day.

Skin related issues

A bad mattress could as well be a good dust and germ retainer. Meaning there is a higher possibility of getting skin related disease from a bad mattress. If you have allergies, it is worse. For instance, dust mites can cause sneezing, sinus pressure, coughing, a runny nose, and a whole lot of other health-related issues including asthma. You know the funny thing about these germs; we seem to get along so well without even seeing them because they are invisible.

Worsening memory

Sleep plays a crucial role in retaining memory. During long hours of a deep sleep, memories are transferred from short-term reservoirs to a more permanent long-term reservoir. This is aided by brain spindles which act as file transfer mechanisms. Not getting deep enough into your sleep deprives you of this benefit. In other words, it becomes difficult to retain certain information. Now tell me, how do you want to get deep enough if you have a bad mattress which keeps you tossing to and fro the entire night?

Premature aging

An interesting research was carried out on concerning men who sleep shorter compared to a control group which had the normal eight hours of sleep. It was noticed that men who had shorter nights of sleep had the same level of testosterone as men who were 10 years their senior. Let me simplify this- a bad mattress means low hours of sleep, minimal speed sleep means premature aging. Why not get a better mattress?


A quality to look out for in a mattress is definitely its firmness. Although people have their taste of a mattress’s firmness, it should neither be too firm nor too soft. A mattress with much more than needed firmness can cause stiffness and swelling in the shoulder, arms, knees, and elbows- generally referred to as joint soreness. Even if these firm mattresses could have a positive effect on our posture, we cannot override its negative effect on our joints and bones. 

Weakened immune system

It is no news that getting a shorter amount of sleep could have a negative impact on our immune system. Now imagine not getting this adequate sleep because of a bad mattress- devastating!

Wrapping Up

Convinced you might need a change of mattress? Give your body a treat by removing your old mattress; it deserves the very best!

WE SAID THIS: Make sure you get that good night’s sleep now!