Egyptian MP Proposes Ban on Single-Use Plastics in Egypt

Egyptian MP Anisa Hassouna submitted a request to the ministers of environment, foreign trade, and industry, as well as the prime minister, to propose banning the use of plastic bags in Egypt. Hassouna suggested replacing the toxic material with environmentally friendly ones.

This is not the first time a political figure in Egypt has spoken out against the biggest threat our planet is facing. In May 2018, the Egyptian environment ministry launched the ‘Enough Plastic Bags’ campaign.

Just last April, Red Sea Governor Ahmed Abdallah agreed to a proposal submitted by the Hurghada Environment Protection and Conservation Association (HEPCA) and announced that single-use and disposable plastic will be completely banned starting June.

Via Gate Al-Ahram

According to Gate Al-Ahram, Hassouna stated that Egypt consumes 12bn plastic bags annually, costing around EGP 12bn. Not only does this enormous amount of plastic have a detrimental effect on the enviroment but is a burden on the economy as well.

Yet, don’t let the social media hype fool you. Ever since 2009, plastics manufacturers have been extremely vocal about the damaging effects of banning plastic. According to Youm7, factory owners and suppliers protested after the Red Sea province’s governor at the time announced a ban on plastic in Hurghada, claiming that the move will drown them in debt and cause massive job losses.

Single-use plastic bans have become a global trend. This year, celebrities and influencers from across the Middle East have joined the cause. From Mohamed Salah joining forces with Adidas to raise awareness of the issue of ocean plastic to young entrepreneurs designing tote bags for supermarkets. It is about time we all participate.

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