Swimmer Mohammed Al-Husseini Is First UN Spokesperson From Egypt With Down’s Syndrome

Via Egypt Independent.

The United Nations’ Committee on Rights of Persons with Disabilities (UN-ARTS) in Egypt has chosen Egyptian swimmer Mohammed Al-Husseini as its first-ever spokesperson from Egypt and the Arab World with Down’s syndrome.

Reda Abdelaziz, the head of UN-ARTS in Egypt, stated that Al-Husseini will be the committee’s official spokesperson in Egypt as well as abroad. In addition, he told El Watan News that the 20-year-old swimmer has exceptional potential in representing the committee.

Al-Husseini will be attending various conferences within Egypt and overseas on behalf of Egypt, speaking about himself, his visions, his goals, and how his struggle inspired thousands of people with special needs.

According to Abdelaziz, Al-Husseini was chosen because of his groundbreaking achievements in swimming regardless of his circumstances citing how in 2017, he became the first Egyptian with Down’s syndrome to cross the English channel between the United Kingdom and France.

For a year and a half, Al-Husseini prepared for this challenge at a swimming camp in the Red Sea town of Hurghada. The swimmer trained for five consecutive hours a day. To be fully prepared for crossing the English Channel, the program was not only a physical test but a psychological one too.

Al-Husseini’s inspiring career started at the age of six. Later in life, he swam for five kilometers in celebration of the New Suez Canal. In 2016, he joined the national Egyptian team for the Down’s Syndrome World Swimming Championships held in Italy, where he competed in 12 races in four days.

WE SAID THIS: Amazing job, Mohammed! We are very proud of you.