For The First Time Ever on TV, Dina El Sherbeiny Talks About Amr Diab

Via YouTube

Many might argue that this year’s Ramadan television season wasn’t as fiercely competitive as it usually is. However, one series reigned supreme during this season’s race: Zay El Shams. Everyone was talking and obsessing about the series, particularly the extraordinary acting of Dina El Sherbeiny.

Amr Adeeb hosted El Sherbeiny and the rest of the cast of Zay El Shams to talk about the craze that surrounded the series. During the talk show, Adeeb asked the actress a very expected yet long-awaited question. He asked her about Amr Diab! Here’s what Dina had to say.

El Sherbeiny and Diab have been together for a while now, but this was the first time that she publicly spoke about the legendary pop singer. She talked about how supportive he was with her and the rest of the crew and how happy he was about the series and its success. We definitely never expected any less from El Hadaba!

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