El Mamar: Audiences Fall in Love With Film Set During Egypt’s War of Attrition

This Eid, movie theatres have been packed with all genres of films. Whether you’re into comedy, thrillers or romance, there is something to entertain you. Yet one film that people can’t seem to stop talking about over social media is the Egyptian war movie, El-Mamar.

The movie follows the struggles that the Egyptian special forces faced during the war of attrition which took place between the years of 1967 and 1970. Written and directed by Sherif Arafa, the highly-anticipated film didn’t disappoint viewers.

El-Mamar has left viewers of all age groups in awe. The older generations felt as if they had been transported back to a time when they had to face defeat and resist depression. As for the younger generations, the movie was a very different war experience. Most of us never knew of the small-scale armed conflict that took place after the 1967 war.

The casting is impeccable. Ahmed Ezz has yet again proved to be so much more than a pretty face. The actor perfectly portrayed the patriotic leader willing to sacrifice his life for Egypt’s sake. Ezz played the role of General Ibrahim El-Refai who led “Fighting Group 39” on suicide missions against Israel.

Other than Ezz, Eyad Nassar, portraying the villain and Israeli leader, is a man who can easily mold into absolutely any character. Another unexpected actor who did a phenomenal job was Ahmed Falawkas.

Translation: The suicidal scene portrayed by Ahmed Falawkas in El-Mamar movie was the best scene in the film. He did not just play a character but completely unified with it.

The battle scenes were beautifully choreographed. Amidst all the events that kept us on the edge of our seats, the plot integrates a blossoming romance between Asma Abul Yazeid and Mohamed Farrag that eased the tension and made us smile despite the images of war.

Speaking of tear-jerking patriotic moments, the movie’s score was composed by the Egyptian musical icon Omar Khairat, for his music is the only melody that could have done the psychological battles any justice.

The movie brings back a sense of patriotism that has been missing for a long time. We can’t help but wonder how it would feel to see your loved ones leaving for war. Would it all be bearable for the sake of our homeland?

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