What to Watch in Cinemas in Eid Al-Fitr 2019

Our Ramadan TV marathons have almost come to an end and we are expecting some major withdrawal symptoms. We can’t just possibly go back to being normally functioning human beings without screen time.

Thankfully, Egypt is keeping its annual promise of offering a list of Eid movies packed with action and comedy .


Who said our dose of Amir Karara stunts will end in Ramadan? You can still watch the actor jumping off boats and avoiding fatal explosions this Eid. Casablanca movie stars Eyad Nassar, Ghada Adel, Ahmed Dash and Turkish actor Khaled Argensh.


We’ve definitely missed Ahmed Ezz this Ramadan. Thankfully, the actor is back with a military movie, alongside Eyad Nassar and Ahmed Farrag.

Mohamed Hussein

Mohamed Saad lovers will have a blast watching Mohamed Hussein movie. Produced by El-Sobky Production, the story follows the adventures of a hotel driver falsely accused of murder.

Hamlet Feroun

Remember when Mike Tyson and The Mountain from Game of Thrones took selfies in front of the Pyramids and Egypt lost it?

Well, you’ll finally get to watch what they’ve been up to with Amr Saad and Ruby in the action movie Hamlet Feroun.

Sabea El-Boromba

For once we can watch the infamous prankster, Ramez Galal, without feeling unnecessarily angry. Sabea El-Bormoba follows the story of a wife, played by Jamila Awad, who lost trust in her husband, played by Ramez Galal. In an attempt to regain her trust, Galal creates fake situations to make himself look like a hero, yet horribly fails.

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