How to Stay Active and Healthy During Eid

It’s hard to believe that we’re done with the holy month of Ramadan! After the month of self-discipline, Eid is the time to celebrate and return to your normal eating habits, for those who have been fasting this month, they should have developed some sort of a routine by now, their body has already adapted to the change of the new daily meal intake rhythm, so it’ll take some time to go back to eating normally. I advise you consume small, healthy meals regularly until your body readjusts.

Try to keep up with your exercise regime, but also remember that this is also an occasion to celebrate with your family, travel and to enjoy your time.

Here are some tips regarding your healthy eating habits as well as the importance of exercising during this year’s Eid Al-Fitr!

Break your fast gradually

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The perfect way to break your fasting routine is to have something light on your first breakfast after Ramadan. Something like muesli topped with honey or fruits for example, or simply start with dates to balance your blood sugar levels.

Make sure to start with something small and save yourself from over indulging and shocking your system after a month long of minimum indulging.

Eat smart

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I know it’s the first day of Eid, and it’s been a long month of fasting, it is natural for us to want to indulge in yummy treats, Kahk of course, however, keep in mind what your body has been subject to, being cautious when eating is very important.

If you eat and drink more of what your body actually needs you’ll defiantly put on weight. Because the energy that you don’t use will be stored as fat. Make sure you have a balanced diet, eat high-fiber meals, and lots of veggies as well as fruits.

Beat the sweet cravings

Who doesn’t like to eat a whole plate of Kahk and other Eid treats? it’s mandatory to eat Kahk isn’t it? Yes, but you can always minimize the consumption and try to replace it with fruits and dates for example. Trust me it’ll definetly satisfy your sweet tooth, with a few bites of your favorite dessert would be more than enough for you.

Stay hydrated

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Unfortunately most of us haven’t been drinking enough water throughout the month of Ramadan, we have only small amounts during Iftar time and then forget to drink water until the next day! Water plays a significant role in weight loss, you must make up for the times you kept your body dehydrated during Ramadan but in a balanced way.

Find time to exercise

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If your body is already used to exercising, then exercising in Eid should be perfectly fine! Summer vacation is near, and those of you who are traveling this summer, probably to Sahel, and want to show off their abs and biceps should have already started pushing yourself and exercising since the beginning of Ramadan! So we literally can’t afford missing another day of not working out.

WE SAID THIS: May God bless your life with happiness on this occasion, your heart with love, your soul with spirituality, your mind with wisdom, wishing you a very Happy Eid!

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