The 6 Best Things About Eid



I know I talk A LOT about family, but seriously what says “Eid” more than a crowded backyard full of running kids – and you have no idea who belongs to whom. Yup, I’m talking about those cozy family gatherings that I truly LOVE.


Travel, Travel, Travel


Sokhana, Gouna, Sharm… There are many options for escaping from our extremely crowded city and its terrible traffic. What’s better than a relaxing week full of beach-front mornings and all-night partying? Is that the perfect life or what?




Some things never get old and edayah is definitely one of them. I still get my edayah and I’m not shy to admit it!


Stress-Free Time


Forget about your boss, deadlines and anything work-related. You can throw your phone away for a whole week. Don’t you just love holidays?


The Food


Forget about broccoli and gluten-free recipes, it’s the time of the year where your table is filled with special oriental dishes for you to eat till you drop, and you don’t even have to feel bad about it.

I mean, when else would you even think about replacing your breakfast cereal with veal ribs? (Don’t worry! You can still stay fit with these ticks and trips.)


The Spirit


Everyone seems so happy! Random people at the supermarket greet you and your whole neighborhood is having fun. Literally almost everyone looks blessed during Eid.


WE SAID THIS: Eid Saeed!

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