Egyptian Divers Launch Initiative to Clean the River Nile Next Month

A cause that Egypt has paid so much attention to this year is plastic and water pollution. Earlier this year, the Red Sea governer, Ahmed Abdallah, banned single-use plastics, and Egyptian MP, Anisa Hassouna, proposed a plastic ban across the whole country.

Later in 2019, Dahab announced plans to turn into a plastic-free zone. Sahl Hasheesh started an initiative where divers get to clean the Red Sea, and Gouna supermarkets have been spotted using paper bags, and entrepreneurs have started designing shopping totes.

Via i-dive Tribe

With all these impressive developments taking place in Egypt’s Red Sea towns, Cairenes decided to follow their lead. After witnessing multiple Egyptians cleaning the River Nile this year with VeryNile, i-dive Tribe is preparing another event to help clean our river and drinking water.

In collaboration and under the supervision of the Ministry of Enviroment, i-dive Tribe will use the skills and expertise of rescue divers to clean the bottom of the river over the 15th and 16th of August. If you want to join the movement or need a rescue diver certificate, apply here.

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