[Exclusive] Sahl Hasheesh Launches Initiative to Clean Red Sea With Divers

“What are you doing, Amr?” Senior Marketing Manager at Sahl Hasheesh asked as he saw a diver coming out of the water with a bag of plastic waste. “I’m just cleaning the sea”, the diver replied casually. And that is how one of the most inspiring and positive initiatives in Egypt came to life.

In hopes of protecting the Red Sea and raising awareness of plastic pollution, Sahl Hasheesh, in association with Project Azraq, Ghost Fishing, and Project AWARE, launched the “Dive Against Debris / Marine Awareness” Campaign.

Via Sahl Hasheesh

“We plan on tackling the effect of humans on the sea, educate divers, volunteers and local businesses on how to avoid the usage of harmful materials to sea life and minimize creating waste at home,” Senior Marketing Manager at Sahl Hasheesh, Ahmed El-Nakeeb, exclusively told Scoop Empire on the awareness campaign.

All certified divers, whether new to diving or highly experienced, are invited to register to be part of the cleanup. Non-divers are encouraged to get involved as volunteers to join and support the underwater cleanup.

The Deep Sweep Bay Cleanup will take place every last Saturday of the next six months on the 29th of June, 27th of July, 31st of August, 28th of September, 26th of October, and 30th of November. The dive sites included are Ras Ma’alag, Ras El-Disha, Sunken City, and a historical dive site that goes back to the era of King Farouk of Egypt.

The information needed for registration is name, emergency contact, nationality, and a diving certificate.

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