Did Anonymous Just Force Daesh to Come out of the Closet?

(Photo Credit: Anonymous)


Our hearts still mourn for the lost lives of the innocent people that were stolen at Pulse Night Club in Orlando Florida on June 12, 2016. The act of terror, homophobia, and hate was allegedly done in allegiance to Daesh and the extremist group had disgustingly praised the attack. As for the rest of us who are still in shock and heartbroken, and the LGBT community that is attempting to heal, a glimmer of vengeance brought a smile to our faces today.


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Our favorite internet trolls, Anonymous took over the Twitter pages of hundreds of Daesh members and pushed them out of the closet they hate so much. Posting rainbow flags and tweeting out messages of absolute true gay pride. Anonymous also release contact information and IP addresses of the Daesh members. The main hacker @WauchulaGhost wrote:


I did it for the lives lost in Orlando.

Daesh [ISIS] have been spreading and praising the attack, so I thought I would defend those that were lost. The taking of innocent lives will not be tolerated.

Our actions are directed at Jihadist extremists. Many of our own [group of hackers] are Muslim and we respect all religions that do not take innocent lives. 

Prayers go out to the victims and families of those we have lost in the attack in Orlando. We will not forget you.

Every innocent life that the Islamic State takes only serves to strengthen our power and determination. Those whom are lost have become a part of us. 



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