Celebs Including Marwan Moussa Stand With Victims Against Alleged Sexual Harasser Tarek JPEG

As one rapist or harasser story comes up, another one follows. It’s a dangerous time that we are living in, and social media makes it all the more dangerous. Anyone can send anyone a message, and just as social media makes it easy to harass someone, it makes it easy to out someone as well. The power of social media is massive, and social media has spoken up, yet again. This time, it’s about the famous photographer Ahmed Tarek, also known as Tarek JPEG.

Jana Ghoneiim, a social media personality, shared some stories about harassment by Tarek. She stated in an audio story on Instagram that he is not going to get away with it this time. Three girls that he has harassed before warned him of outing him, and he threatened to take legal action against them if they talked. Jana warns him that now they’re ten girls. From then onwards, a series of stories have emerged, and Jana shared them on her Instagram story. Soon after, people reacted, coming out with their own accusations against Tarek as well.

VIa Instagram.

Reactions to the accusations

Tarek’s response

Tarek JPEG is a well known photographer and has worked with multiple rappers and models. Even rapper Marwan Moussa made a statement on these allegations towards Tarek.

As people have been raging on social media, the story continues to unfold. It’s not the first time this has happened, and it will not be the last. The power of social media unites as the voices, and more people can hope for the truth to come out.

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