Captain Pepsi Is Here at This Year’s GFF and He Is Giving Celebrities the Runaround

El Gouna Film Festival (GFF), which takes place from the 19th until the 27th of September, has seen not only the prominent faces of Arab cinema but celebrities and influencers as well, head to Egypt to participate in a seven-day extravaganza of red carpets, flashing cameras, and film critique, with some fun sprinkled on top.

As the opening ceremony unfolded, a man dressed in a blue costume holding Pepsi cans surprised everyone when he started photobombing celebrities as they posed for the media. It seems that the renowned Captain Pepsi has made it to El Gouna too.

This hilarious video of him taking selfies with celebrities such as Huda Al Mufti and giving Raya Abirached a red rose gained traction on social media, with many dubbing the stunt as the funniest thing to ever happen in El Gouna. Check out the video below!

With Pepsi becoming this edition’s main sponsor, they decided to poke some fun at some of our favorite celebrities. In fact, this will not be the only surprise, as they have promised many more to come as the GFF unfolds.

Some of these surprises have been announced such as the Pepsi Booth, which will be available throughout the festival with more than one activation for attendees to win tickets to Amr Diab’s concert on the 26th of September.

The Pepsi Booth will also have a selfie wall for people to take pictures as well as a karaoke-style singing competition with Amr Diab’s newest song.

WE SAID THIS: Looks like Pepsi is killing it this year!