Cairo’s Chicken Revolution: Unveiling 5 Game-Changing Eateries

Most of Egypt has a universal love for all things chicken, to the point that there is an ongoing craze for fried chicken. These days, restaurateurs want to make the most of that unbridled love for the rooster, and that is why, for some time now, new chicken concepts have been opening all over the city.

We are not just talking about fried chicken spots. These eateries serve up unique takes on chicken and we want to introduce to you some of our favorites:


Stepping back to the 70’s is the vintage chicken diner known as Clucks. Opening its doors back in 2023 at New Cairo, this eatery brought something different to all the chicken lovers out there.

It’s got something for everyone. You can opt for their juicy half- or quarter-grilled chicken, chicken breasts, drumsticks, or wings. All are served in one of their finger-licking sauces, which include sweet chili and peri-peri sauce.

Now, for the risk-takers out there, they also serve a gigantic Austrian schnitzel that is pan-fried to perfection. It truly is every chicken lover’s dream.


All aboard the French Express, as this chicken eatery brings everything we love about French cuisine to Maadi. Meet Egypt’s first-ever French Rotisserie, where massive juicy chicken gets to spin about a horizontal spit as its juices slowly drip in the most satisfying way.

You can choose a full, half, or quarter chicken, which turns into a golden brown succulent meal. The next step is to pick the sides, which is how you can personalize the meal to your taste.

Whether it’s their Coquette rice, their creamy French potato fondant, or their healthy grilled vegetables, there is plenty to pick from. Don’t forget the sauces that include classics like buffalo and BBQ, as well as the unconventional dill ranch.


Keeping the spitfire chicken trend going, Bayouki is turning the concept on its head with branches in New Cairo, 6 October, and Sheikh Zayed. Picture this: juicy spitfire chicken stuffed with the most unexpected fillings.

We are talking about everything from Asian noodles or musakhan fattah to sharkasia (chicken with almond sauce) or loaded vine leaves.

What’s not to love, especially for foodies who already love stuffed pigeons, a local dish representing the core of Egyptian culture?

Along with the stuffed spitfire chicken, you can also try out their Bayouki sriracha chicken tender, a panko-coated chicken fillet topped with toasted sesame, or their Not Shawarma chicken sliders smothered in garlic sauce.

Crispy Hen

Raising the spice factor and bringing over the tastes of Nashville all the way to Egypt is New Cairo’s Crispy Hen. It is all in their slogan: “Everybody does Fried Chicken. We do Nashville.” Meet the mighty Nashville fried chicken, coated with that red spiced glaze, creating fireworks of flavor from just one bite.

At Crispy Hen, the Nashville fried chicken isn’t the only thing that was brought over from the US, the eatery also serves up crispy, sweet waffles with every fried chicken. To introduce even more flavor, they also offer sauces with your order, including their unique ginger, garlic, and chili jam sauce.

Jay’s Jamaican Jerk

So far, we’ve hit up France and the US, but how about some Caribbean flair? We are introducing to you Jay’s Jamaican Jerk, where the specialty is, yeah, you guessed that right: Jerk chicken.

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The word ‘Jerk’ isn’t what you think; it is actually a cooking style used in Jamaica that involves poking any slice of meat with a fork to allow more flavor to pass through. That is exactly how Jerk chicken, one of the national dishes of Jamaica, is made.

Located in Maadi, Jay’s Jamaican Jerk offers glazed Jamaican Jerk chicken. Extremely juicy, succulent, and packed with flavor, it literally melts in your mouth from the first bite. Celebrating more of what Jamaica has to offer, diners can also try out the eatery’s beef ribs and oxtail soup.

If you feel like you experienced an overdose of chicken by reading this article, we apologize in advance. Yet, if you are a pure chicken lover whose heart skipped a beat at the endless options available to satiate your taste buds, then you’re welcome. Let us know if there are any other spots we missed.

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