From the Kingdom to Your Couch: Saudi Arabia’s Netflix Hits

In recent years, Saudi Arabia has become known for its great TV series and movies. They’ve gained a lot of fans all around the world as their industry develops. With the help of platforms like Netflix, Saudi shows and films have become famous everywhere.

Let’s take a look at some of the best ones and see why they’re so popular globally.

Crashing Eid

Created by Saudi filmmaker Nora Aboushousha, the family drama-comedy “Crashing Eid” premiered worldwide on Netflix.

The show follows Razan, a Saudi woman living in the UK, as she navigates societal taboos when planning to marry a British-Pakistani man. When she returns home during Ramadan, chaos ensues as her fiancé unexpectedly joins her, challenging traditional norms in both humorous and dramatic ways.

Aboushousha, known for her boundary-pushing work like “Rahin Altaqiq” and “Confessions,” brings her unique perspective to the project. 

Actress Summer Shesha, in her first major lead role as Razan, finds the themes of family dynamics and tradition universally relatable, making the show appealing to audiences worldwide.

Six Windows In The Desert

This was created by Saudi Arabian filmmakers in collaboration with Netflix. It features the work of various directors, writers, and actors from Saudi Arabia, made up of six short films, each telling its own story.

These films give us a look into life in Saudi Arabia today. They discuss different topics, such as social issues and parts of Saudi culture. 


Created by Saudi Arabian filmmaker Hana Alomair, “Whispers” is a gripping Saudi Arabian series that premiered on Netflix. Set in a contemporary Middle Eastern setting, the show revolves around family secrets, political intrigue, and personal betrayals. 

The story follows a prominent family grappling with internal conflicts and external pressures, leading to a series of unexpected events and revelations. With its suspenseful plot, complex characters, and stunning cinematography, “Whispers” has captured the attention of audiences worldwide.

The series not only entertains but also offers a glimpse into the societal dynamics and cultural intricacies of the region.


“Takki” was made by Abdullah Al-Eyaf. It’s a show about detectives in Saudi Arabia solving tough cases. Each episode has a new mystery to solve, like murders or organized crime. The detectives use science to find clues and catch the bad guys. 

The show is realistic and shows how things are done in Saudi Arabia. It also talks about society and how it’s changing. With exciting stories and interesting characters, “Takki” is a show that keeps you hooked while teaching you about the Kingdom.


“AlKhallat+” is a Saudi Arabian TV series created by Saudi filmmaker Mohammed Al Turki. The show follows the journey of a dedicated prosecutor as he navigates the complexities of the legal system to bring criminals to justice. 

Through its portrayal of the challenges faced by law enforcement officials, “AlKhallat+” offers viewers a captivating glimpse into the crime and punishment world in Saudi Arabia.

Binge-watching Saudi Arabian TV shows and movies offer a glimpse into the Kingdom’s vibrant culture and talent.

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