Building a Secure Digital Future: Egypt’s Cyber Talents Program

The Egyptian government has been making significant strides in enhancing cybersecurity knowledge and awareness. This commitment is reflected in the establishment of various organizations and initiatives aimed at creating a secure digital environment.

Efforts such as the formation of the Supreme Cybersecurity Council and the National Center for Computer and Network Emergency Readiness have been pivotal in improving Egypt’s cybersecurity landscape.

These efforts have strengthened the country’s defense against cyber threats and also elevated Egypt’s ranking to 23rd out of 182 countries in the Global Cybersecurity Index for 2021.

Latest Efforts: Cyber Talents Initiative

The Ministry of Communications and Information Technology (MCIT) recently announced the launch of the “Cyber Talents” initiative, which represents a significant step forward in the country’s cybersecurity strategy.

This new initiative aims to train 1,000 university students annually, equipping them with the skills necessary for immediate employment in the cybersecurity field upon graduation. The training will be conducted in collaboration with governmental bodies, academic institutions, and private sector companies.

The “Cyber Talents” initiative will integrate practical coursework with hands-on training, ensuring that students gain real-world experience. Training will be provided at university labs and specialized training centers affiliated with the MCIT.

By bridging the gap between academic knowledge and industry requirements, this initiative will prepare a new generation of cybersecurity professionals to meet the growing demand in this field.

Dr. Amr Talaat, the Minister of Communications and Information Technology, emphasized the importance of creating a secure digital environment and building a competitive digital economy.

He highlighted that the increasing reliance on digital systems has led to a rise in cyber threats, with global cybercrime costs estimated at USD 8.4 trillion in 2022, expected to exceed USD 20 trillion by 2026.

By investing in the education and training of young professionals, Egypt is strengthening its cybersecurity defenses and supporting a competitive digital economy.

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