At the end of this Ramadan Season, Vodafone won the Race With Sherihan

When it comes to the emotional aspect of Vodafone’s advertisements, look no further than
their #1 TV ad in the telecom network, with the 80s megastar Sherihan! Vodafone decided to
take us along the inspiring story of Sherihan portraying her resilience and persistence in life, and
celebrating her unstoppable human drive. Almost instantaneously, the ad transported us back
to the days of Sherihan’s ‘Fawazeer,’ but this time, blending in with the contemporary touch of
the technological advancements.

The mixture of art and technology, orchestrated by Vodafone, seeks to preserve that special
Egyptian identity, whilst invoking a sense of pride, and brings back to life these magical eternal
moments of Egyptian culture. It is no surprise Sherihan was the ideal candidate for such an
advertisement, given her elegance, vitality, beauty, and intellectual power that, when striking at
once, is a message that cannot be unseen or unheard. Not to mention as well her spirit,
matching 100% Vodafone’s brand message.

Just the name Vodafone on its own speaks volumes in regards to technological and digital
enhancements. We see their ongoing campaigns everywhere, and evidence of their creative and
relatable messages lies in their telecommunications advertisements. Throughout the holy
month of Ramadan, Vodafone has extended a helping hand by providing surprises and gifts to
its customers. As Vodafone continues to extend its services, their objective in landing a position
as the number one advertising campaign creators is undoubtedly successful, as the ad views
reached a staggering number of 100M views on Facebook, and continued to skyrocket. And, it is no shock for us, as we are left with complete awe after witnessing this Ramadan’s campaign details, from the costumes, the décor, the promotional song, the choreography, and the overall result!

Throughout the years, Vodafone has continued to elevate its ranks and its reputable name, and
more importantly, has a special connection with the people throughout Ramadan with their
campaigns, always keeping them guessing with the next one. Regardless of how prepared
we think we are, we still never see it coming! The dazzling and mesmerizing content plunges its
way into the hearts of Egyptians, creating a viral buzz that doesn’t shake off easily. This year’s
advertisement will shatter the technical and advertising arena, and it is no surprise that
Vodafone slam dunked the advertising marathon in the first round.

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