Egyptian Hospitals in North Sinai Express Readiness to Receive Gaza’s Wounded

In light of the ongoing conflict between Palestine and Israel, Egyptian hospitals in North Sinai announce their readiness to accept the wounded of Gaza.

Unrest broke out in occupied East Jerusalem after Israeli settlers forced Palestinians out of their homes in Sheikh Jarrah neighborhood. The conflict escalated after the Islamic political group Hamas began firing rockets into Israel and the occupied territories. Israel clapped back with a number of airstrikes that has so far claimed the lives of 65 Palestinians including 16 women and five children.

In response, Egypt, as well as a number of other neighboring Arab countries, condemned Israeli actions and called for de-escalation. Cairo has come in contact with the two sides as of Wednesday calling for an immediate ceasefire and announced that it will be sending two security delegations to Tel Aviv and the Gaza Strip to promote peace amid the ongoing clashes in the occupied territories.

Egyptian Hospitals

According to Egyptian Streets, The Head of the North Sinai Health Directorate, Tariq Shouka, has announced that the Arish General Hospital and Beer Al Abd Central Hospital are ready to accept cases coming from Gaza. Alert level has been raised in these hospitals and the Eid Al Fitr break has been suspended for both medical and nursing staff.

Mossaad Zayed, Head of the Medicine Department in Sheikh Zowayed Central Hospital, announced that if the authorities allow cases from Gaza to be admitted to North Sinai, his hospital will be one of the most well-equipped in North Sinai.

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