Best Commuter Bikes 2021

2021 is here and it is time to start thinking about getting to work. Many people have been working remotely for some or all the past months. Others, who have jobs that require on-site presence, have been commuting with less traffic and fuss. In either case, it is likely that everyone will be gradually getting back to the traditional commuting slog by the end of the year. So, it may be the perfect time to pick up a bike. You can weave in and out of traffic and get to work more quickly while having more fun. The following commuter bikes are great choices for 2021.

Reach Your Destination

This commuter bike from SixThreeZero offers a fast, smoother, comfortable and fun ride. It is a hybrid design that is perfect for commuting. You can enjoy the speed and control of a road bike without the uncomfortable seating position.

Plus, these wheels are more than capable of taking you through some back routes to work. The light aluminum frame means that you can hit some serious speeds. Plus, if you need to carry your bike indoors, it won’t be too much trouble.

Ride In The Park

Alternatively, you may enjoy commuting on this bike with a classic, cruiser style. It is designed to offer more ease when you hit the road for your morning commute. If you are the type of person who likes to sit back and enjoy life, this is probably the right bike for you.

The dual-spring seat support helps to keep the rider ultra-comfortable at all times. Plus, there are lots of customization options. So, you can incorporate a bit of your style and personality into your commuter bike.

Evry Journey

If you prefer eBikes for commuting, the EvryJourney is a great option. This is a hybrid style electric bike that is ready for wherever you need to go (true to its name). One of the great aspects of riding an electric bike while commuting is that you can relax a little more if you are having an off day. Alternatively, you can leave the motor off and just pedal if you want a little exercise, the choice is yours.

The low-weight frame will let you travel around easily. Plus, you can hit up to 28 miles per hour in pedal-assist mode. Depending on which size battery you choose, you could be going 40 miles with the motor helping you out.

Pave N’Trail

This hybrid commuter bike features an impressive 21-speed Shimano gear system. It is a highly adaptable ride that will get you along city roads, through trails or over bumpy back roads. The PaveN’Trail is best for experienced riders.

This is another great commuter bike that offers speed and durability. It is also very lightweight. That is a huge bonus for anyone that brings a bike into an indoor storage area.

Learn More

Discover more about commuter bikes that could bring you to work in 2021. With a standard bike and an eBikefor sale, you can find the perfect model for your needs. The above four are some great bikes. However, you will find others that can meet your unique needs as well.

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