In Pictures: Witness the First Strawberry Supermoon of 2021 as It Shines Over the UAE

From the 27th of April to today the 29th, a beautiful supermoon has been adorning the UAE’s night sky. While it’s called the pink supermoon, the moon isn’t pink except when it appears during the early morning hours. The name is given to the full Moon in April, as it usually coincides with the blooming and blossoming around springtime. As for the other part of its name, we get a supermoon once a full moon occurs as our satellite reaches its closest point to the Earth. The supermoon, which marks the middle of Ramadan, was visible across the globe. This supermoon is the first of two happening this year, with the second one being only a month away. Today will be the final day for the moon to rise at 8:24 pm in Dubai, to later set at 7:29 am the next day. So get the best view of the supermoon by heading outside, better away from the bustling city and enjoy stargazing with a mesmerizing once-in-a-lifetime view!

Scroll down to see some breathtaking pictures.

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