Dubai’s RTA Shows Love to Their Cabbies With Their Latest Campaign

Take a minute and think about the fact that when you stop or order a cab, do you ever get to really know their names? No! It’s actually not a matter of disrespect or anything, but a matter of a lack of identity for the drivers. We keep on calling them titles such as sir or mister, and it bothers them to an extent. Taxi drivers can be under appreciated, as we depend on them from the moment we get in the car, until we arrive to our destination. As a way to make things right, the Roads and Transportation Authority (RTA) launched a new campaign called ‘Who’s your cabbie’ to put the drivers name on the wheels, in order to support their identity.

Via Instagram

‘Who’s your cabbie’ campaign aims to combat the idea of identity loss that the drivers confront and feel 24/7. Put yourself in their shoes for a minute. None of us would like to get the feeling that our identities aren’t acknowledged or being mistreated in any way. “But when we all became faceless citizens, taxi drivers became heroes to us all. As our city stood still, they became our lifeline,” stated the RTA in the above video. Such campaigns and ideas will definitely make the drivers feel honored, and passengers will have more of a human connection in getting to know them as well.

As a way of recognizing them and saying ‘thank you,’ RTA thought of adding the driver’s name to the top of their cars so passengers may recognize it and call out their names. All taxi drivers help keep any country moving forward, and globally they lack a sense of identity in their profession. Drivers add life to the streets, so showing the whole country who’s behind the wheel is a step towards recognizing their efforts.

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