Beach Games to Entertain Bored Kids at the Beach

Summer is upon us and everyone is at the beach this month. We’re days away from going back to school and some kids might be bored from the regular summer routine by now.

If you feel going to the beach isn’t exciting your child anymore, then it’s time to get creative and save the remaining hours of your vacation.

Here are some fun beach games to kill the time:

The Instagram unicorn floaty

Via WellandGood

As fancy and relaxing as this floaty looks on Instagram, it’s a nightmare to gracefully get on it without making a fool of yourself. Buy one for your kids and I guarantee you that they will spend at least two hours just trying to sit on it while laughing their hearts out.


Via Kohls

Kids – boys mainly – are loving Spikeball this summer as it’s easy, fun, and addictive. All you need is four players divided into two teams. Each team serves the ball by spiking it into the net. Once the ball bounces, the other team tries to return the serve.

Musical towel game

Via Pinterest

This game is just like musical chairs but with towels instead. Unleash your inner child and start playing music for the kids and entertain them for one hour.

Scavenger hunt

Via Pinterest

This is not a regular hunt with hidden items. This beach game is easy. You list items easily found in the sand and whoever finds the most items, wins!

Sand Pictionary

Via Pinterest

I absolutely love Pictionary yet taking a board game to the beach with kids is a big mistake. Modify the popular game by drawing on the sand and let everyone guess.

Sand castle

Via Amazon

And I’m not talking about tiny buckets and minor constructions. I mean building a mega fortress, so start looking for the right equipment. This will consume at least two hours.

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